Beach tour near Parador de Ayamonte
16 de May 2016

Ayamonte, one of the privileged destinations in Andalusia in which Paradores Luxury Hotels offers you a pleasant stay close to the Guadiana river, Portugal´s beautiful Algarve region and of course, many wonderful beaches.

The charm of this tranquil fishers village located in Huelva, resides on the many white houses than extend throughout the mountain and to the sea port. Our Parador de Ayamonte, is located on the banks of the Guadiana, from where you will be able to enjoy the most stunning views of the Guadiana River and Ayamonte itself.

Besides the historic and cultural part of the city, there are many beaches that deserve to be visited because of its beauty, the nice weather and the special light of Ayamonte.


Parador de Ayamonte



Between the waters of Lepe and Isla Cristina, you will find the beautiful beach of Islantilla, an authentic Andalusian coastal paradise. This beach, certified with the Q of Quality Tourism, is well recognized for its great weather, especially during summer months. The rich of its gastronomy and the breathtaking surroundings which include a golf course right next to the ocean and a region filled with Columbian history, are what make Islantilla a must-visit beach while in Ayamonte.

When you visit the urban beach of Islantilla, with 1.6km of long and 40m wide of gold and fine sand, you cannot miss to take a walk through the promenade and practice watersports in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

From our Parador de Ayamonte to Islantilla it takes approximately 30 minutes by car through the highway A-49.


 Parador de Ayamonte


Playa de la Isla Canela

20 minutes away from our Parador de Ayamonte, and right in the middle between the river mouth of the Guadiana river and the Carreras river, is located the beach of Isla Canela. 

This tranquil and not so crowded beach is perfect for taking long walks in the fine sand, and enjoying the amazing sunsets and the almost waveless sea which makes it a perfect location for practicing water sports such as kitesurf and windsurf.

The easiest way to get from the Parador de Ayamonte to the Playa de la Isla Canela is by taking a short 20 minutes' drive through the Avenida de la Playa.


Parador de Ayamonte


Punta del Moral

The beach of Punta del Moral which extends through 1km long and 60m wide of the Isla Canela, with a nice promenade and mainly formed by golden sand and quiet tide, is another of the must-visit beaches in Ayamonte.  The natural environment of the beach remains almost virgin because it is separated from the tourism area by a water pipe.

Located in a fishing neighborhood, the beach of Punta del Moral is connected to the continent by a bridge of 300m long. Definitely a little island you have to visit!

The Parador de Ayamonte is approximately 11km away from Punta del Moral and the easiest way to get there is by driving 20 minutes through the Avenida del Real.


 Parador de Ayamonte


These and many other beaches are what the Costa de la Luz in Huelva has to offer, so don´t hesitate and come discover this little paradise by yourself and enjoy the best views from the guestrooms of our Parador de Ayamonte, in which you will savor the tranquility after a long day at the beach!

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