Beach or Mountain? Take both at the Parador de Jávea
11 de May 2017

You are now planning your holidays but you can´t decide if you want a beach or a mountain destination? Don't worry, we have the solution for you. At the Parador de Jávea, you can enjoy both. This Parador is located right in the coast of Jávea in the province of Alicante, and it´s location in the first line of the beach allows you to enjoy the salty sea and the fine sand, and also to visit the Montgó Nature Reserve, which is located only 10km away from our Parador de Jávea.

In the charming city of Jávea, on the northern Costa Blanca, you won´t have time to get bored. Whether it is relaxing in one of the many nearby beaches or the Parador swimming pool, walking around the town, tasting the delicious food of the restaurant in our Parador, practicing water sports and activities or going for an excursion in the Montgó Nature Reserve, in Jávea, there is always some place new to explore and many things to do.


Parador de Jávea 



The beaches of Jávea, located on the southern slope of the Montgó, offer incredible views of this mountain. As one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Alicante, Jávea has a small fisher's port and many beautiful beaches that are worth visiting.

  • The beach of El Arenal, with white sands and nice water, is one of the most known and visited beaches in Jávea. At the northern part of this beach is located the Parador de Jávea, from where you will get the most stunning views of the beach and the surroundings. The beach is located right next to the Parador and can be easily accessed by foot.


  • The Cala Blanca beach, is formed by 3 small creeks which are connected by a stone coastline. Rock and gravel are the main elements that are part of this 3 creeks: Caleta I, Caleta II and Caleta del Francés. From Caleta I you can access the Mirador de Cala Blanca. Caleta II is specially characterized for the calm and crystalline water. Caleta del Francés can be accessed by foot from Caleta II, although the access is a little rough. In total, this beach has 300m of clear water to enjoy. This beach is located nearby the Parador de Jávea, it´s only a 10min drive through the Paseo Amanecer and Avenida de Ultramar, or if you prefer, you can walk for approximately 20 minutes along the seaside to get to this beach.


  • The beach of La Grava is a rocky beach located next to a nice promenade in the area of Les Duanes, where the leisure and fishers port are situated. It is close to the city center and the swell is moderated because is sheltered by the Cabo San Antonio.  From the Parador de Jávea to La Grava it takes only 10 minutes by car through the Avenida del Mediterráneo or 30 minutes by foot.

Many are the beaches located in Jávea that you will be able to explore and enjoy while staying at our incredible Parador de Jávea.


Parador de Jávea



The nature reserve of Montgó, located only 10km away from the Parador de Jávea, has a maximum height of 753m over the sea level. Thanks to its closeness to the sea, the weather and the vegetation, this is a unique natural spot of the coast of Valencia. In here you will enjoy some of the most privileged views of the área of Jávea and will be able to do excursions through the mountain.

Having the mountain and sea at your feet... a dream come true!

The easiest way to get from the Parador de Jávea to the Montgó natural park is by taking a ride of approximately 20 minutes through the CV-735.


Parador de Jávea 


So both beach and mountain at our Parador de Jávea, are you convinced yet? Come and explore this natural paradise and enjoy a different holiday!


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