The aqueduct of Segovia, only the entrance of this Marvelous city
24 de June 2016

Did you know that Spain has 15 World Heritage cities? Segovia is one of these cities recognized for its Roman aqueduct, the buildings, the squares, the streets, the patios and all the history behind this territory of Castilla y León.  Do you want to explore it? Lucky for you, the Parador de Segovia, situated in a high point of the city gives you the opportunity to relax in a heated or seasonal swimming pool and admire stunning views from the guest rooms after the tourism


  • The aqueduct of Segovia

The first and main stop in Segovia is obviously the aqueduct, stunning and unique. It was supposedly built by the Romans with the main function of transporting water from the mountains to the city. The most popular part of the aqueduct where you can see the arches is located in the Azoguejo square and is the perfect place for admiring the architecture and taking good pictures, and also is a great spot from where to enter to the historic part of the city and explore many other monuments.


Parador de Segovia


  • Cathedral of Segovia

The construction of this amazing Cathedral started back in the 1525 and it followed a gothic style of architecture with some renaissance traces. Inside you will find 18 chapels with many important paintings and sculptures, besides all the religious importance of this building.

You can visit this monument from Monday to Sunday from 9:30 to 18:30.


  • The Judería

Walking around the streets of the Jewish neighborhood is something you definitely have to do in Segovia. This area expands around the actual square of La Merced and the parishes of San Miguel and San Andrés, all within the walls of the city. The Sinagoga Mayor, the didactic center of the Judería and the Door of San Andrés are some other things to visit in the Judería of Segovia.


Parador de Segovia


  • The Alcázar

In a high spot of the city of Segovia lays the amazing Alcázar, a stunning castle that´s definitely worth visiting. This building has been a fortress, a royal palace, a prison and many other functions and nowadays it represents the history and Art of Segovia.

This castle is open every day for visits from 10:00 to 19:00 and has the option of a guided tour.


  • The walls

The long walls that surround the city of Segovia start and end at the Alcázar de Segovia. Within this wall you will find the historic part of this World Heritage City and will get immersed into a sense of history that will make you feel like taken back in time.


Parador de Segovia


One other special thing about Segovia is that is only 30 minutes away by AVE from Madrid, so it will be really easy to get there if you arrive by plane to the capital city. The AVE (high-speed train in Spain) departs from the Puerta de Atocha Station in Madrid and arrives to the station of Segovia-Guiomar in Segovia. The Parador de Segovia is 10 minutes away by car from the train station in Segovia.

Also, to go from the Parador de Segovia to the historic part and visit all these monuments you can either do it by car or by bus. By car it takes only 7 minutes through the Carretera de Valladolid/CL-601a and the other option is to take the touristic bus directly from the Parador to the aqueduct and with stops all around the city.


Plan your trip and discover the history of Segovia and other World Heritage Sites in Spain, what do you think?


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