5 things to visit in Ceuta
11 de July 2016

Located on Africa´s northern coast, between 2 seas stands the magnificent Parador de Ceuta, a modern luxurious building right next to the Royal Walls of Ceuta and surrounded by a beautiful garden with palm trees, a swimming pool and the sea just a few meters away. This Parador is truly a unique hotel in between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, between Europe and África... so special!

Get to know a completely different landscape from what you are used to in the Iberian Peninsula of Spain. In the exotic city of Ceuta, sun, beach, an enviable climate and many authentic and stunning monuments are waiting for you to explore and discover! Besides, take advantage of the special taxation system and go shopping in Ceuta.


Parador de Ceuta 


  • Royal Walls

Probably one of the most incredible monuments in Ceuta would be the Royal Walls and the moat of San Felipe. The walls were built with the main goal of protecting the city and the moat of San Felipe which extends through 300 meters of salt water divides the complex of the walls and the city of Ceuta in two parts. Take advantage of this spot to start your visit through the walled area of Ceuta, admire great views and taste great gastronomy in the nearby restaurants. Take the perfect picture at night and with the walls lightened up, it´s just beautiful.


Parador de Ceuta


  • Mediterranean Maritime Park

Right next to the port of Ceuta there is the promenade or Mediterranean Maritime Park, a leisure complex designed by César Manrique that has been active since 1995. It counts with many salt water pools, huge green areas, restaurants and art all in one beautiful landscape.  If you are not a beach lover, this is definitely a great alternative to spend the summer days sunbathing and having fun in the water without having to go to the beach.  In here, you will also find a replica of the stunning Royal Walls of Ceuta, which hosts a night club, a casino and a restaurant. Is all about fun in this Park.


Parador de Ceuta


  • Plaza de África

One of the main squares in Ceuta and the one that hosts many monuments, that´s Plaza de África, where of course, the beautiful Parador de Ceuta is located.  Besides the Parador, the Autonomic Palace, the Cathedral, the Palace of the Assembly, the war memorial of the war of Africa, the sanctuary of Nuestra señora de África and more monuments and sights are located in this square and the surroundings. Definitely a place that's worth dedicating some time to explore in full.


Superior room at Parador de Ceuta


  • House of Dragons

The large dragons adorning the cover of this building give the name of House of Dragons to this architectonic piece create by Cortina Pérez, an architect from Valencia. The original dragons were removed during the Second Republic, but they were after substituted by 4 new dragons created by the artist Antonio Romero Vallejo. 


Parador de Ceuta


These and many other sights in Ceuta such as the Arab baths, the fortress on Mount Hacho, the museums and the many viewpoints make Ceuta a great city to visit. Also, the Parador de Ceuta will be more than happy to welcome you in and make your stay in Ceuta unforgettable. Let´s go!!

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